Sunday, October 02, 2005

You Have Eyes In the Back of Your Head, Too?

In my gut, I know that IUI #2 has failed. Confirmation should arrive later this coming week. I'm sure that my period won't tease me into thinking "Maybe" by showing up Saturday afternoon, AFTER I have already had to take the pee test.

Even Jerry has noted my impending state by pointing out the obvious, "You sure have been bitchy and tired lately." Really? No Shit! The thing is the bitchy part has only partly to do with getting a confirmation of what I already know, but the additional kick in the teeth of having to take a whole 'nother month off due to my new hanger-ons, The Cysts. Jerry, ever the optimist said he would like to try another IUI if there are no cysts, but is entertaining the idea of holding off until January.

The thought of waiting that long, which in the grand scheme of ART is not THAT long, is just another kick in the teeth. However, I know that it would give us time to prep physically and financially. I really didn't think we would be struggling as we were. We didn't have any idea of what we were doing when we got pg with Max (outside of the usual birds/bee thing), and now we can't get it right with the available medical intervention. We're pathetic.

On the brighter side and speaking of Max: several months ago I convinced him that I have very special eyes in the back of my head that allows me to catch him in the act. My duplicity was enhanced by the use of strategically placed mirrors around the house. Well, last Thursday he was excitingly describing some pictures on the wall behind his teacher, Mrs. N. while at school. As she was already aware of these items, she told Max, "Yes, I know," to which he responded, "You have eyes in the back of your head, too??"

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