Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I had to make some changes to my blog. It seems that I have unwittingly offended some persons near-and-dear to my heart, BUT who were unable to vocalize this to me directly, and told Mr. DD instead. I would understand this if they were wanting to feel me out on how I would respond if they took me aside and frankly informed me that some of my comments had made them feel "uncomfortable." This appears to not be the case. Instead, Mr. DD instructed me to "smooth things over" so that everyone could be friends again. Unfortunately for him and the parties involved, I have taken the defense. This is MY blog. The comments, observations, feelings expressed are purely MINE. If I had to edit myself because I was afraid I would offend someone, I would never post anything outside of, "Today the sun rose and later it will set." If they feel they are not comfortable with me, then we are not as close as I had hoped we were.

I'm ashamed that I had to change the URL address of my site based on someone else's feelings instead of my own. But, be warned from here on out: If you are of such a delicate nature that brutally honest observations; swearing; incorrect use of grammar and lack of a spell check make you cringe...move one, nothing to see here. This is the chalk outline of my soul. Lurk all you like, but any motion sickness you experience on MY roller-coaster is at your own risk.

Mr. DD said if I wanted to express my feelings, write it down in a journal. Not doing it. I chose this medium for a couple of reasons:
1. I have found a great deal of comfort in other blogs detailing their struggles with infertility. The feeling of kinship is indescribable. Their experience and emotions mirror mine except in style. Mine pretty much sucks. I would only hope that maybe my blog helps someone else thru what is an emotionally and physically trying time.
2. I wanted a way for my friends and family to check in on our progress (and lack thereof) without having to tell the same story a dozen times.
3. There's the anonymous aspect of the journal. I don't necessarily know you and you may not know me, but I welcome your comments.

So, I will continue to post minus the guilt-trip. I have enough issues as it is.


Originally published September 2005

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