Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I realized this a.m. that I had forgotten to take my Pill yesterday. It has been so long since I had been on the Pill, I had to go to the web for some instructions on what to do, which is to take the one as soon as you remember you forgot and then take your normally scheduled one...for anyone else afraid to ask.

The last time I was on the pill was for a few months after Max was born early 2002. I was so freaked out with the thought of two babies in my inexperienced care that it was one of the first things I got my OB to take care of for me. Little did I know how much having a newborn in the house was effective enough birth control for the average couple.

Anyway, after today I will have gone through one whole week of the Pill, leaving only two more time-defying weeks to go. I'm sure when Dr. M. said that it's ONLY for three weeks, she wasn't counting the hours and minutes while she golfed, swam, went to yoga classes, or whatever the heck she did to keep her trim little arms and legs buff. I swear she looks like a mini Linda Hamilton from her head to her toes with the exception that she is at the most 5'-2".

I keep thinking each time I was going in for my first round of IUI ultrasounds that I should ask her if she has any children as a way of breaking the ice, but I'm not sure if I want to know. I would think it's only fair for as "up close and personal" as she's getting with the US wand, she would be a little more free with her personal life. However, if she tells me that she has 4 all under the age of 10 (she's my age), I would be even more depressed as I can't seem to get rid of the back-fat from having 1 baby almost 4 years ago!

Maybe most REs don't think their patients are interested in their personal lives. It would be easy to believe the other patients are already so wrapped up in their own life's drama that they don't care anything about the RE except their medical capabilities. When I see Dr. M. again in two (long) weeks, I'll make sure to ask something personal about her as I would like to know more than just her name.

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