Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Time Keeps on Ticking

I found out Friday at my Dr’s appt that I didn’t goof up like I thought I had but goofed up in another way. I was supposed to only take 150mg of the Follistim, not 175. The mistake came up when at my appt, Dr. M. told me she was probably going to bump my inj up as my ovaries were still sleeping from the month before: only two little follicles and both on the right side. I had told her that I had only did 150mg on day 3 and that’s when she told me that’s what I was supposed to be at. It now appears that the extra 50mg over 2 days wasn’t harming anything, much less helping as since Friday I am at 225mg.

It was also on Friday that I had to give Jerry a lesson in the difference between “bitchy” and “tired.” I was awake at 5:30a.m, a half hour before the alarm was set and I figured, what the heck, and got ready to make the looonnggg boring drive to my RE’s office. I was taking my FIL’s truck as the Men had decided that a spray-in bed-liner would be perfect for a truck-bed that would NEVER see more than a leaf or two that would haphazardly fall inside, much less anything that could potentially scratch the new paint. Here’s how my day broke down:

* 2 ½ hours drive time down. Perk: listen to favorite morning radio talk-show w/o static!
* 20 minutes in the RE’s office. Perk: free package of 600mg Follistim.
* 2 hours driving around the city looking for Open Model Homes (never found anything other than duplexes). Perk: None.
* 30 minutes looking for the place that Jerry had scheduled the bed-liner to be done at. Perk: None…again.
* 3 hours sitting at the bed-liner place reading Motor Trend, Men’s Fitness, and Outdoor Life magazines. Perk: read the 5 steps in how to make your girlfriend moan in bed and the new 2006 car models and how they rated.
* 1 hour of well-deserved shopping at one of my favorite clothing stores. Perk: 1 sweater, 2 tank tops and a scarf.
* 20 minutes waiting for one of the best pizza’s in the state. Perk: PIZZA!
* 5 minutes on the phone before Jerry said I didn’t need to be so bitchy before I hung up on him. Perk: A moment of angry satisfaction.
* 2 ½ hours drive time home. Perk: You’ve got to be kidding?

I then had all weekend to look forward to another Monday a.m. drive. I made arrangements to stay at our niece’s and her husband’s home a little closer to the clinic. This is the niece that I just found out was expecting. I’m not sure if she hasn’t got too excited about her future addition or if she felt uncomfortable talking to me about it because she certainly wasn’t too forthcoming with any info. Definitely no tidbits given voluntary.

Monday’s appt showed I had now one 1.5cm, two 1.2cm on the right and one 1.1 cm on the left. I’m supposed to come back again Thursday. I’m thinking I’ll be doing the trigger shot Thursday nite as I’m already showing early ovu signs. I’m just praying I don’t “shoot my wad” before then!

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At 3:46 PM, Blogger DD said...

Again, it appears I need to clarify about my niece's pg. I am expressing MY opinion based on MY observations. I can't imagine any woman not excited about the addition to her family. I guess she may have been trying to spare my feelings since she knew how upsetting the journey Jerry and I have been on for the past 9 months and she was probably barely able to contain her joy.I honestly and sincerely am happy for her and her family, and I welcome any pg details that would allow us to compare notes. My infertility is not meant to be a downer on those who are fertile. Let's recall that I, too, was fertile.


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