Thursday, September 29, 2005

Signs, Signs, No Where are Signs

OK, so it’s early. In fact it’s only 5 days since the IUI and I’m already trying to read, or least find some early signs of success. Hey! This is something. My boobs hurt. Just a little. Oh wait. That’s because I’ve been poking at them every 5 minutes like I was checking the wellness of a filet mignon!

I’ve been much better about the lovely suppositories this time. I had to leave work to quick drive home both yesterday and today because I had forgotten the morning dose. One of my dear friends suggested I keep a stash at my desk. That’s when I informed her that I’d have to keep them in the community fridge and hope that someone wouldn’t sneak one thinking it was some yummy little treat. Poor friend. I’m sure she daily tells herself, “More than I need to know.”

I’m just counting down from here. Not supposed to test until 10/8. I asked Jerry, in one of my moods of impending doom, what would be our next step if this one failed. I gave him one of three options based on the realization that the Male Factor is playing a bigger part than we initially realized: 1) try a third IUI as “normal”; 2) look into a donor; 3) take the rest of the year off and wait for IVF in January.

Why wait till January, why not now? Right now we are dipping into our new house-furnishing funds to pay for the IUI’s. I was blithely unaware that one of the major differences between the two health insurance plans my employer carries (besides higher deductibles/coinsurance and premiums) was the coverage of infertility treatments and related drugs. I’ve been keeping a log of the expenses so anyone curious to know how much such treatment runs within the Midwest, excluding petrol, feel free to ask.

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