Saturday, August 20, 2005

2 Negatives Don't Make it Right

I took the HPT Thursday a.m. and shock and suprise! it was negative. Not only was it negative on Thursday, but Dr. M and Nurse W. insisted that I take it again this morning to verify as this was the scheduled date for the test. Because of the limited hours my RE has for doing the standard US and lab and the length of time it takes for me to drive there, it was impossible for me to get there after my negative test and take the baseline US, which will now be delayed until Day 6, Monday.

I'm miffed to say the least. I'm indignant that they made me go buy a HPT just to prove what I knew a week ago. I'm confused over the big deal of making sure I'm not pregnant after the first IUI, but they never ran a PG test before the procedure. I will now have lost 3 days of hormone therapy before I get to start.

It's incredible that it has been 9 months now since we have been trying and I thought the time would never pass. Before now I couldn't conceive (forgive the pun) how any couple could maintain this mind-numbing pace for years, living their lives in 2 week cycles. If I could convince some nice head-doc to let me drift through the two weeks after I ovulated on wellbutrin, or some other happy, happy drug that wouldn't get me hooked, I could snap out of it in time for a PG test and then drift over the next couple of weeks waiting again for the next big O.

I'm thinking Max wouldn't find me so much fun if I was comatose, especially when he was so concerned about Mommy being sick after the MC. I don't think I would have ever got out of bed if it wasn't for his little voice asking me, "Are you going to get better?" How could I have ever said no even when I felt like saying it?

I'll have to look at the bright side: these few days off from the hormones will give my zit-prone skin a break.

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