Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sad Reminder

This morning I started spotting, my body's warning to make sure I pack the appropriate number of tampons/pads for the week. I called my RE's office and spoke to the Nurse W.. She said it was possible that it was just spotting and not the start of my period so I should continue with the suppositories (which I stopped doing a week ago) and take the HPT on the scheduled date of 8/20.

I told her I was fairly confident that I was not pregnant and that my period was imminent. I wanted to make sure that if I had to make that 2 1/2 hour drive, I was able to give a heads up to my employer. But Nurse W. said IF my flow did start, to take the HPT tomorrow a.m. first thing and call with the results.

Later in the afternoon, my "spotting" had turned to "flow." I called the RE again and spoke to Nurse W. to confirm it was Day 1. To make things easier for me, she said I wouldn't have to come in until Day 3, which is when I would start the Follistim again. They would do the baseline US Friday a.m.. BUT, she still wanted me to do the HPT. Seemed to me a waste of a perfectly good test I could use as a "cheater," but now I better make sure I can prove to her that I'm not pregnant.

Ironically, it was this time EXACTLY last year that Jerry and I conceived Baby May. It's hard to believe that the days, weeks, and then months have dragged by and brought us back to where we started. It's one of the many anniversary dates coming up that will be especially painful reminders to what never will be.

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