Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Warning: The Following Post is Fraught with Links
We all know that my incredible talent handling html codes and formatting my blog is BAR NONE! (You smell that? It's sarcasm), but I believe I've finally figured out a way to get one of the major goals I had set out to do accomplished. For those of you who offered their assistance to my plea, "Thank You" and I'm sorry I'm not a very good pupil.

Blogger has a ton of limitations and they are only compounded when you have someone like me looking at the template trying to figure out what I can totally fuck up next. Since I found the keeping up of all my favorite blogs out of my lazy-ass-league, I knew that the maintenance necessary to keep up on the Acronym list would never get beyond the two original links unless someone lit a serious fire under my butt.

So, when I thought about just using a link to bloglines instead of a long list of links to keep it simple (stupid), it suddenly occurred to me last night how I could link to the website that had all the acronyms. But some of the acronyms that need to be on there (PUPO, NBHHY, WTFF, etc.) would never make it past either of those sponsoring website's proper channels for approval. Inspired by some email chatter back and forth with Schmutzie, I created a test blog for a new banner I want to add to this blog, which may not be unveiled until about 2010, but damn it, I'm working on it! Anyhoo, I decided to turn my test blog into a blog that could have the list of all the acronyms we all see, use and do! Aren't you just giddy with excitement?!'s just me...never mind.

But really, I know that there are alot of newbies out there who sometimes feel a little left out of the loop until they've made it around the block for a couple of months. I was. Maybe I still am.

Now you can just pop over via the link over to your left called "How to Win Friends and Influence Your RE" and enter my alter-ego blog of logic (har-har). AND, the best part? You can leave a comment with any new acronyms and I can easily update the post. The possibilities are endless.

It's brilliant, don't you see?
Are you picturing me wearing big, black insulated rubber gloves, wringing my hands in psychotic glee with my hair all frazzled out and electricity going through one of those sci-fi orbs in the background?

BTW, I do have comment moderation on at the "How To" site as I would just take the info you give me and add it to the post...unless you would prefer to see who was suggesting what? Just let me know.

5 Punches:

At 5:26 AM, Blogger Cricket said...

Please add:

BIG - Brilliant Infertile Genius

(I'll check it out later, BIG.)

At 5:35 AM, Blogger One Mother's Journey said...

You're too good! Seriously. That is just what we needed.

At 5:40 AM, Blogger the ockers said...

very COOL. and for the record I'm also a newbie that hasn't worked out very much about blogger either. mostly I'm feeling around in the dark about the template stuff. don't know how to put proper links into the body of a post yet. do know how to do the links on the sidebar tho... sheeesh!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Demeter said...


We will use it a lot!


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous julianna said...


BIG is right!

too funny!


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