Thursday, December 29, 2005

Now Close Your Eyes...

Our other "baby" is coming along nicely; apparently better than those three little embies transferred last week who I think have decided to take after their mother and be too lazy to implant. Beta is Saturday. Failing that, maybe FET in two more weeks.

The world just keeps on spinning, doesn't it?

. . . . . .

Everyone usually says the first thing they notice about a person is their eyes, right? Well, I feel the same way about windows in relationship to a house. I notice its "eyes" and Monday, our house had its eyes installed.

The right of the pix is the garage. The little window is the laundry room; the next window is my kitchen. The big window under the first gable is the dining room. Continuing to move to the left is the entry way and the spare bedroom (it was supposed to be the baby's room). They will probably finish shingling this week or early next week. We are using asphalt except on the little strip over the garage windows and the valley between the two afore mentioned gables. For that we will use raised-seam steel roofing in either copper or gloss black. We need to decide pretty darn soon.

The two gables sticking out in front on the left over the porch will have beams installed within them to represent the craftman style home we wanted.

One of these days, I'll post the back-side, plus the view we will have from there.

And wow. A whole post where I didn't have to blow my nose from crying. It's a festivus miracle!

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At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Leggy said...

Great house- that looks like it will be lots of fun to decorate and set up.

I'm so hoping it works for you and that you got a bad batch of pee sticks. Please post as soon as you can on Saturday. I'll be thinking of you.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Catizhere said...

wow. What a beauty!

Coming along nicely, huh? When is the prospective Move-in-day?

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Nico said...

Gorgeous house! It's so much fun to watch it being built, isn't it?

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Cricket said...

What a lovely creation!

We'd be quite the pair together right now. Buy stock in Kleenex.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger DD said...

We don't know our move-in date. We have not requested one. With all the deadlines we have not been able to meet this year in the baby-making business, setting one and then failing it would just be another pain in my ass (right next to those frickin' PIO shots!).

Nico, we have been keeping a picture journal from before ground was broke to now, and yes, it's really quite amazing what 3 guys and a bunch of wood can do!

Cricket: Kleenex is too rough. I prefer Puffs. I have a box in EVERY room in the house...just in case I spontaneously burst a line!

At 12:36 PM, Blogger April said...

Thinking of you and wishing you good news on the last day of the year.

The house looks wonderfully promising.


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