Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cranial Housekeeping

Last nite after we went out to dinner with his parents, we had to clean the house before we could go to bed, because our bi-monthly cleaning lady was going to be cleaning the house today.

If you are one of those assholes who cannot tell the difference between a Yield sign and a Stop sign then you should not only NOT be behind the wheel of a 2,000lb vehicle, but you better not be the sorry fucker in front of me!

This morning I had some cramping. No, not “implantation” cramps. No, not bowel cramps.

Here’s a small snippet of one of most anticipated xmas letters we get each year:
“We started the NY off in Tasmania. Bubba (obviously not his real name) raced with No-Name Yacht Team in the 60th Ann. of the Sydney, Australia to Hobart, Tasmania….We were so proud of our team as the arrived the day of NY eve in Tasmania, considering nearly half of the 116 yachts that started withdrew due to the gruesome winds and 12m seas…we spent 5 wks in Australia and hiked, dove in the Great Barrier Reef for a wk, went to Alice Springs and a hike in the Red Center…Agatha (not HER real name, either) passed her research methods candidacy exam is working on her statistics exam next, and then it’s on to the dissertation…she is still modeling…We celebrated our 10 yr anniversary late as Bubba was in Gulfport to lead a team supporting the hurricane Katrina military relieve effort. He found the work that he did there very fulfilling…we celebrated our anniversary by going to Colorado to ski and in March and November we took trips to Miami to decompress and remind ourselves what the sun looks like…” and on and on and on!

Bubba graduated with Jerry. The most sickening thing is that they are really both nice people, but could we get ANY MORE NAUSEATING!? *retch*

Running total to date for this IVF procedure: $8,200. this does not include the gas for the 600 miles I put on my car this month and the net income lost due to 6 ½ days not working. Considering we were looking at about $11,000, things are certainly looking UP! .:read sarcasm:.

I am tired. It will be over soon.

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At 8:19 AM, Blogger Cricket said...

Now I am even more paranoid about that first ever holiday letter I sent in very bad judgment. At least I know I'm a nice person.

I'm sory about the uterine twinges, but I am still holding my breath. My choice for breath holding, of course, not to inflict that same choice on you.

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Catizhere said...

Aww, DD, don't get discouraged.
You still have a couple days to be PUPO....

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous joie said...

Why do people send those things? Don't they know we laugh about them? At least they didn't write about themselves in the third person I HATE when they do that!

Confidential to Cricket: I don't think they are ALL bad, I've gotten a few from distant friends that are very tasteful updates on their lives, and even funny! Its just the pompous braggarts that annoy the crap out of me.

DD, don't give up hope! Cramps can mean a lot of things. I am sending you all the good thoughts and lapsed catholic prayers I can.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Nico said...

DD, it sounds like you think the end is near - I so hope that it isn't. Crossing everything that you make it to Saturday, and then get good news!


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