Friday, March 17, 2006

No. 132 - Wrapping up the Week

Just some points of interest in our current endeavors (because I know you were all just dieing to know!):

Project A: New House

Install porch and deck railing
Pick out shelf rock for façade
Order new plumbing fixtures (because stupid plumber allowed for the cheapest shit I have ever seen in my life)
Pick out and order lighting (without husband whining about every nickel and dime)
Pick exterior color (without offending X who desperately wants us to paint it purple AND green)
Install interior trim and doors
Install flooring
Install lighting
Install cabinets/counters
Install plumbing fixtures
Paint exterior
Install rock
Pour patio
Complete lane
Hold back urge to kill husband (who would install a round-a-bout, if I let him)

Project B: Old House

Move all crap out of garage to new shop building
Move all crap from basement to new shop building
Move all remaining miscellaneous crap to new shop building
Hire professional cleaners to clean the house as it’s never been cleaned before
Get house listed on market
Hold back urge to kill husband (who thinks he needs to paint the garage floor)

Project C: Baby

Order PIO
Open box of drugs that arrived two days ago to make sure it is indeed the Antagon and HCG
Enjoy acupuncture appointment Saturday (and hope that the 22” of snow that has been predicted doesn’t show until I get home from The Metro)
Wait patiently for Repronex to show from London
Take last BCP a week from Saturday
Remain mentally positive (and stop daydreaming about this IVF working and getting pregnant with a boy AND a girl)
Hold back urge to kill husband (who AGAIN asked me if I was sure I want to have another baby after a particularly nasty row with X)

Personal Factoid: My middle name is Lynn.

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At 1:37 PM, Blogger K&M said...

Hey! My middle name is Lynn too!

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Cricket said...

Mine, too. Cricket Lynn, what a ring it has.

What a busy bee you've been. The Mr. needs to get off that 'want another child' jab. Getting old.

BTW, I think X has excellent taste. You'll have to find some special purple and green flowers for him to plant.

At 1:04 AM, Blogger Thalia said...

I second cricket's idea - crocuses are good and purple and of course have the green in their leaves. I guess a passion flower wouldn't thrive in your weather?

Them there is a lot of projects. Do you like being this busy?

At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Kath said...

The Mister is indeed pushing his luck there... Good job on the self-control, DD! And good luck on all your projects...

At 9:25 AM, Blogger DD said...

Due to budget constraints, my other personal passion, gardening will have to take a back seat until next spring (or if I'm particularly thrifty this summer) this coming fall.

I will certainly miss our current house's landscaping. Every plant, flower and tree was personally selected and planted by me over the past 8 years.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Cricket said...

DD, I was like that w/my last house. It had a couple azaleas, a forsythia, and a huge, old crape myrtle when I moved it. I rearranged and planted, had stuff blooming all the time. I loved it. Much came up from my grandmother's garden. I remember one time greedily getting a heat stroke in her yard b/c I had to have some hosta. It was tough to sell that old house and all the ways it held siginficance. Before we closed on it, I did take garden samplings and put them in a friend's yard - who now has hosta and day lilies out the wazoo, but we're no longer friends, so I have none. Not that I'd tend to them anyway. I am no longer a gardener. Had that 4-5 year break and it broke my spirit. Now I compute. Pathetic.


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