Thursday, June 01, 2006

No. 199 - Where I Say the Dirty 5-Letter "R" Word

Well, it's officially been a year. A year since our doc referred us to the RE after he reviewed Mr. DD's SA with us, which to him was borderline. I took his word only and had nothing to research until recently. I had requested a copy of our chart from the RE and once in my grubby paws, I settled in to do some research on normal ranges for SA.

I quickly realized that Dr. Google's take on male infertility vs. female infertility is as different as...well, Mars and Venus. There are little to no variances on what research considers "normal" on SAs (and maybe not so much when it comes to the chemical/hormonal ranges for women) but holy crap! let me just state for the record, it's a good thing Men don't have...

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