Friday, January 20, 2006

...Back In The Saddle, Again...

Today is CD11…yes, already.

I have been on increased increments of estrogen since CD2 and currently am on 8mg/day and will be until Dr. Blinksalot says I can stop. I had my first wanding since the transfer exactly 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I am again producing a wonderfully fluffy lining for any surviving embryos to nestle into. I was told by the tech today it had to be at least 7-8 or else they will cancel the transfer. When she finished she just walked out without telling me the results. She’s a bitch. During our IVF cycle, on one of the last US before the aspiration, she would not tell me how many follicles there were because “the doctor may get more or less during the actual procedure, so we can never say for sure.” However, when Nurse W. who I have mentioned before as wonderful, came in to take my bp and whatnot, told me how many they could see. I don’t know what that other nurse/tech’s problem is but an attitude adjustment should be in her future, but for now she is Nurse BA.

Another nurse came in today after BA left and told me what the lining measured when I asked (11mm) and she did some pre-admit testing: blood pressure, history, etc. Since she seemed pleasant and giggled when I said the other nurse is too secretive, I told her something Mr. DD had said three weeks ago when we were naively optimistic about the fresh transfer working. On the trip down I had asked him if he would have any problems letting any remaining embryos go up for adoption. His response is burned into my memory forever:

“Who would want your buck-toothed, uni-browed babies?”

Ah, yes, ladies. My husband - in all his romantic glory - right there. Are you just so jealous or what?

Well it appears that I want our buck-toothed, uni-browed babies….And I want ‘em BAD!

So, I start PIO again tomorrow. Continue the estrogen, folic acid, and prenatals (yuck!). The 4 frozen embryos (1 six cell, 1 five cell, and 2 four cell) will go through their global warming starting Monday and following daily updates, we are looking at a possible transfer either Wednesday or Thursday if any make it. Yes, already…again.

BTW, I asked BA if there were any follicles on my ovaries that Mr. DD and I could use as a back-up plan under the guise of natural conception (sex with actual purpose), but alas they are all “folliculed” out. In fact Nurse BA said if there were any follicles, they would have to start bloodwork because they have to manage my cycle via more drugs to prevent ovulation. I’m not sure I get all that, but it doesn’t matter since no rebel eggs are going to mix things up this cycle.

So, I’m not sure if my ass is sore still from the prior cycle’s PIO or from falling off my horse named HOPE, but either way I’m limping my way back into that saddle for another wild ride.

Yee-Haw and yippeekiya, m*therf*cker!

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At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Molly said...

Ha ha ha!

I'm still laughing at your husband.

You make a hell of a good lining, honey!

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Spanglish said...

Wow. Your husband sure isn't Shakespeare.

Good luck with the FET


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Cricket said...

“Who would want your buck-toothed, uni-browed babies?”

Is that what X is? You make purty babies, I think.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Sounds like everything's falling into place! I think nurse BA is the grimacing nurse who did my u/s and the one who got all mad at me when someone else made the toilet overflow.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Kris said...


I agree with cricket- you make beautiful babies!

My IUI should be right around the time of your transfer, so I'll be just a couple days behind you. Here's hoping! =)

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Leggy said...

Your husband is hilarious. Good luck with the FET- it is coming up so quickly. I really hope it works for you.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger The Queen Mama said...

Good luck!

And I know you referenced a completely different movie with the last quote, but it made me think of the "yeehaw scene" in "City Slickers." Go figure.

At 7:11 AM, Blogger Nico said...

Lining sounds fantastic. I hope you have some excellent thawing today!!!


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