Monday, November 07, 2005

Four Days Late...and Counting!

My dear friends I am about to bust with hysterical laughter! I am 4 days late, no period and now in a 2-day limbo before I can do ANYTHING about it! Dr. M. wants me to wait 2 more agonizing days, take another HPT and if still no spotting and a negative result, I have to start taking a script that will make my period start, which could take anywhere for 4 to 10 days after I start taking it. *giggle* THEN, I have to wait until Day 3 to start the Pill for the next 21 days. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

It gets better: *best* case scenario (I use the term v-e-r-y loosely), we are looking somewhere around Xmas Eve for a transfer (the only day of the year the clinic is closed is Xmas); and *worst* case scenario, we push this into the beginning of 2006 making 2005 THE Shittiest Year Ever! Yeah! (applause, cheers, confetti falling!) Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha. Oooooh, my stomach hurts from laughing…or is that sobbing??

Wait, wait! Let me catch my breath! It gets even better!

S., my friend who quite efficiently read what I thought was a positive pg test as negative? She is now 2 days late for her own period. I had to confess to her that it would hurt if she was pg before me, BUT that once I got over that initial stab, I would be very happy for her. This doesn’t read convincingly, but she knows what I mean.

I won’t bother railing my fists against the sky, crying out, “WHY!!?” as it appears to be falling on deaf ears. I feel so broken and defeated, yet I am trying to see that glimmer of Hope with the ICSI, if it should ever take place.

Wow. Just when I thought I wouldn’t have any drama to post once this pre-ICSI cycle started. I didn’t realize the drama would be just getting the bloody thing to start (more knee-slapping in response to the unintentional pun)!

Does the merriment ever end?


Edited by adding the following on 11/8/05: About my rantings above, let me just say I don't draft and then post, but post on the fly which can give everyone the impression I am quite crazy...I'm only kinda' crazy, but quite harmless...

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At 7:33 AM, Blogger Catizhere said...

that's ok, I never draft either. I will occasionally proof-read for typo's but not content. I think that if we edit or censor too much, we lose the whole concept of the journal.

I think You're the "good" kinda crazy!

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous thalia said...

How incredibly frustrating this is! I hope the agony of waiting is over soon, without the drug delay.

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous mm said...

Drafts suck-- post it like you feel it, I say. I'd also be going crazy if I were you. This will it or won't it show business your period is pulling is enough to make anyone go bonkers. Hang in there.


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