Friday, June 16, 2006

The End...?

I will be making the typepad account my permanent home (if you still need the link, please email me at ). Thank you to all of those who decided to follow me there. Your continued support during the next leg of my journey, where ever that may be, is more than heartily appreciated.

If you have however decided that since I am no longer part of the ART scene that it's either too painful or to boring to follow Mr. DD, X and myself onward and upward, I am still grateful you were here during the worst of times. May we meet again under the best.

Thank you.

Personal Factoid: If you are googling to find out where the term "Knocked Up" comes from, I've done the work for you:

"Knock up is 1663 in sense of "arouse by knocking at the door;" however it is little used in this sense in Amer.Eng., where the phrase means "get a woman pregnant" (1813), possibly ult. from knock "to copulate with" (1598; cf. slang knocking-shop "brothel," 1860).


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