Saturday, November 26, 2005

From Cooter to Clacker

Thank you for humouring my blatant request (begging) for comments. As I've been able to kick the HPT Piss compulsion over time, I hope that plugging for comments will also become a thing of the past.

OvaGirl had yet another wonderfully comical post about her FET Eve jitters and while reading over her post and the subsequent comments it occurred to me how confusing cross-cultural descriptions can be. So I have provided for you below a "key" to some of the more, shall we say, colorful terminologies we IF bloggers encounter.


Obviously, for any of us who have read at least one IF blog this term has been mentioned in more than just passing. This is obviously what it refers to:

However, some Hollywood moron thought that this would be a clever name for a certain character from a certain redneck series but this is NOT what we are refering to in IF blogs:

Can I just say, ick, for the record?

Well, that brings us to...


I love this term! Thanks OG. Even if you are not the originator of this somewhat obvious reference, you have epitomized it...well not *you*, but you know, your Clacker has.

If you are a first time reader of her blog, please do not confuse it with the item at the left...


Now, really? If you could even manage to wrap THIS in protective foil, do you think it would really fit inside your Cooter or Clacker? You could probably feed it to the Cooter in the 2nd picture or maybe recreate it's mating call with the Clacker in the above picture...BTW, this is a cassawary. A Pessary is sometimes refered to as a SUPPOSITORY, which is usually some form of pharmaceutical item in a oil/cream base that is inserted UP into the Cooter/Clacker and even sometimes UP another place that I refuse to provide an image of. I will however provide the image below of one of the most famous types of US suppositories that even though is hard to find, is generally very unpopular and quite useless for almost all but the most minor of ailments.

And so begins and ends what will probably be my only political statement I will ever publicly share in my blog.

I hope this little lesson has helped you all and that you have gained some insight in how different the English Language can be from continent to continent.

I think I will have a follow-up post on acronyms most commonly used as it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get NBHHY. If you don't happen to know that one, you'll have to tune in for the details at a later date.

Oh, I have another shameless plug: I have added a Guest Map (see right side of screen). I would be thrilled to pieces if you give a "shout out" from your neck of the woods.

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At 7:40 AM, Blogger Kris said...

Very informative! I'm looking forward to the acronym lesson! =)

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous thalia said...

Well, now you've got me started. As well as NBHHY there's AFAIK, IMO or IMHO, BTW, ROFL, PIO, ART, DPO, CD, SIL, MIL, etc. Things could get really confusing if we tried hard enough!

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous mm said...

Snort. So funny! I've learned so many fun new terms thanks to our infertile Brit/Aussie friends. Oooh that one's positive thing thats come out of the punch bowl full of bullshit that is IF. :)

At 7:13 AM, Anonymous T said...

Huh, I always thought he was just a twat!


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